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OpenBSD - ports

Some ports of new programs, not yet in the ports tree or updates to existing ports.

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Updated or new ports for OpenBSD

This list will be updated in the future. Some ports need further testing and because of lack of time I can't put them up here at once. Some of them may be outdated but could be a good starting point to bring them up to current.


PerlMol are some perl modules which help to work on molecules:


This perl module was necessary to realise the PerlMol ports:


A proxy for IRC, taht can be used as a "bouncer":


The ODBC driver for the PostgreSQL database. Depends on the iodbc port.


mcabber is now in the official ports tree.


Port for the little wake on lan program depending on libnet-1.1.

ctwm, update to 3.8a

Update for the ctwm port to version 3.8a. There is a newer up-to-date version in the ports tree.


Wt (pronounced "witty") is a C++ framework for web application development. The concept is inspired by Qt, hence the similar name.