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Welcome to my homepage. Have fun!

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What Is This Page About?

I wrote some texts about OpenBSD and Perl. In addition this site hosts a project (HASI) I created during the time studying at the University of applied Science.

Who is Markus Hennecke?

I was born in the year of the hare. This is the reason why the japanese zodiac sign is in the upper left corner of this page. I won't tell which year it was actually, only some hints: Crossing 30 does not hurt, but afflictions are cummulating...


You can reach me via the following mail address: markus-hennecke (at) markus-hennecke (dot) de


To prevent third persons reading my mail I prefer mail contacts to use my PGP-key. The key for my contact address (above) with the fingerprint EF46 D42D 2028 639C 287A  C6A2 AF22 8FF3 B355 F244 can be downloaded here or from one of the public keyservers available.